“Suicide a trap”

  • Sushil Joshi

“Suicide”an act of giving up on own’s life. isn’t it? and i think that’s really unfair to give up. In last few years,suicide is flowing so smoothly like a trend. I guess there is no genuine reason for people giving up on themselves so easily. However, its heartbreaking to see the human getting tired of struggling seeking for self happiness.

Its a bitter truth that human gets depressed when theirs expectation fails to meet the reality and this is actually, what leads the one to an ultimate end of life. loosing own’s mentalilty for things which are however not going to be as you wanted them to be is “foolishness’.

So people,no matter how many times you fail to target your goal, the only option you should have in life is standing back again.find courage to step out of shits that triggers your mental stability. so never let your mind decay your soul for something or someone because suicide is never a solution to yours problem.

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