The homeless cobbler

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The homeless cobbler

“most of the times I have to live on a street,
where has many obstacles that make,
me hard and I’m unable to inhale any neat,
air as here are pollutions so I can’t take,
fresh wind but what I can do it’s my fate,
to stay here day and night as I have no,
house even I don’t have anyone in this state,
but it’s fine, by the way I have my shadow,
so that I’m not alone in this lonely world,
but I’m still happy to live alone with no hand,
of anyone, I’m also a man so in my old,
heart sometimes I grow thorns of stand,
as my heart can’t carry the burden of pain,
it’s really hard to spend my whole life,
on a road where has a billion of deep stain,
but I hardly wander there and create strife,
to beg money from you, I never do that,
as I have shoe repairing tools so I await,
you while the sun is shining without hat,
of clouds in the blue sky which looks great,
because of the sun but it tries to cook,
me in a lap of its heat, I have to endure,
it, but I forget all these when I get a look,
from you and I get hopes which assure,
me to eat food tonight when I’m told,
to make your shoes shine like the moon,
and give me coins after I have sold,
my some effort, oh by way very soon,
trillions of stars will smile in the skies,
as the sun is going far to have some rest,
and I’m now can see stars from my eyes,
chill wind of a hill is trying its level best,
to make my blood as a corpse although,
I’m taking breath, umm I don’t know,
what to do, how I can make my blood,
warm, I even don’t have blanket to hide,
myself in it to get warmth and feel good,
look above, angry clouds are doing ride,
so I think rain will not let me sleep,
tonight, I have an umbrella with some pores,
so it won’t save me from being steep,
I use it for saving my tools from rain of stores,
or I can’t polish your shoes without them,
if you come here tomorrow with some coins,
I wish the sky won’t be in clouds of blame,
as I can’t afford rains which have sharp lines,
to insert in my body and my life, it’s okay,
as it’s my fate to endure any kind of dark,
pain, I’m scared as life is on a thorny way,
sometimes I think death has better mark,
than taking breath with burden of grief,
umm why I’m being emotional and sad,
I should be strong and be like a fresh leaf,
I’m happy I can take care of myself in bad,
situations and I hope I will be able to repair,
my life just like I mend your shoes from,
my hand, I am sure I will have a great/fair,
life and I will not have to face any storm.”

Written by Darshan Kc Saanku
NEP DATE: 2079 Magh 24 Tuesday

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