Durbar Cinemax becomes the first to install Wolf Airmask Sterilization in Nepal


Durbar Cinemax came into operation on April 14th 2022 at 6th floor, Durbar Mall, Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, with the aim to provide luxury, comfort, convenience and premium cinema experience to the audience in Nepal. Although the Covid 19 cases have diminished at the present moment and the cinema lovers are coming back to the theaters, the major concern for safety still remains.

To solve that problem in an efficient and environment friendly manner, Durbar Cinemax has installed Wolf Airmask air sterilization systems that neutralizes air borne virus, bacteria, microbes and also dust and odors from the theater. The agreement was signed between Diprash Shakya, Managing Director of Durbar Cinemax Pvt. Ltd and Rojan Shrestha, Managing Director of Planet HealthCare Pvt. Ltd on 15th of July, 2022.

One of the most luxurious cinema halls in Nepal, Durbar Cinemax under Guna Group, installed Wolf Air Mask in its cinema hall on 18th of July, 2022. Within the short time span of its launch in Nepal, Wolf Air Mask has received an excellent response in terms of sales and distribution in the Nepali market. Multiple devices (Wolf Airmask – 1000) are installed at the theater to ensure complete air sterilization in the entire premises.
The installation has shown an air quality improvement within four hours of installation; increasing the quality of air to 8 to 12 Air Quality Index and PM 2.5: 4 Ug per metric cube which is scientifically considered as healthy and suitable for all aged groups and requires no mask usage in the premise. Rojan Shrestha, Managing Director of the company assures the product’s longevity for 7 to 10 years at minimum maintenance. It is the only live air sterilization system in the world to test against SARS Cov2 Virus. He also mentions that Durbar Cinemax is the first to install Wolf Airmask in Nepal and now the facility is 99.9% virus free.

The Wolf Airmask, invented by “All About Innovation” uses German Technology and produces breathable healthy air, has been made in full compliance with international health standards. The negative ions generated by the WOLF AIR MASK create clusters around airborne mold, Corona or influenza viruses, allergens, bacteria, pollens, dust, etc. and turn them inactive. The product thus creates an Air Mask neutralizing the virus threat and works against even the smallest of the known pollutants and hazardous microorganisms. The Wolf Airmask is also the winner of the Business Mint Nationwide awards for best COVID Solution and MSME Time to Leap award for the Social Innovation of The Year 2020.

Wolf Airmask when placed in a theater ensures complete neutralization of virus, bacteria, dust and odor within no time. The product ensures the purest air that one can ever breathe inside confined places and works even better with air-conditioning. It is the perfect solution for safeguarding one’s surroundings as it is also referred as ion based Covid solution.

‘’Our entire Durbar Cinemax team boasts of our luxurious premium film experience for the movie enthusiasts. And we leave no stones unturned to ensure health safety of our guests, our employees and everyone present in the premises. We want to assure an even better and safer environment for the movie enthusiasts with such advance Air Sterilization Technology, and we will continue to align technology with our vision to ensure continued luxurious cinema experience to our patrons maintaining the highest safety protocols’’, says Mr. Diprash Shakya, the Managing Director of Durbar Cinemax.

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