29th Annual General Meeting of Nepal Finance Limited


The 29th Annual General Meeting of Nepal Finance Limited, the first private sector finance company established in the year 2049 BS. In the presence of the basic shareholders including Board of Directors Prof. Hirendraman Pradhan, Mr. Chandra Kumar Rai, Mr. Diprash Shakya, Mr. Rajan Prajapati, Mrs. Rojina Shrestha, Mrs. Laxmi Maharjan and Independent Director Mr. Ananda Krishna Tamrakar.

The Annual General Meeting has elected 4 (four) Director from the Promoter group and 1 (one) directors representing the general group for the next 4 years. Election Officer Bidur Prasad Dhungana had announced the election process and elected members name in the Assembly. Newly elected Board of Directors are Prof. Hirendraman Pradhan, Mr. Diprash Shakya, Mr. Rajan Prajapati, Mr. Bikesh Shakya and Mrs. Laxmi Maharjan respectively.

Similarly, other general agendas such as annual financial statements of FY 2077/78 and to appoint an external auditor for FY 2078/79 has been passed and under the special resolution, the Board of Directors has been given the authority to merge and acquire other banks and financial institutions.

In the general meeting held under the chairmanship of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization Prof. Hirendraman Pradhan, Director Mr. Diprash Shakya gave a welcome speech. Similarly, the Chief Executive Officer of the organization Mr. Uddhav Raj Thapaliya briefed about the progress so far and the meeting was conducted by the Company Secretary Mr. Bishnu Prasad Gautam.

At the meeting, various shareholder, dignitaries expressed their gratitude, suggestions and best wishes and thanked the operators and management for expanding the branch, recovering bad debts and expanding good business in a short period of time. They also wished good luck to the investors to bring and expand the business.

The questions raised by the shareholder dignitaries in the meeting were addressed by the chairman of the organization and the chairman of the meeting Prof. Hirendraman Pradhan and Chief Executive Officer of the organization Mr. Uddhav Raj Thapaliya.

The organization is currently providing state-of-the-art financial services such as Connect IPS, IPS, RTGS, ATM, Corporate Pay through its 10 branch offices in different parts of the country and Kalimati and Kantipath extension counters in Kathmandu. It is stated that capacity building of the staffs is being done by organizing training seminars in time.

The regulatory bodies affiliated with this organization, Nepal Rastra Bank, Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd., CDS & Clearing Ltd. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Share Registrar, the entire media world, other organizations and especially to the customers.
Finally, we would like to express our commitment to provide reliable and quality service to our shareholders while protecting the interests of our clients.

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