General Assembly of Nepal Finance concluded


Nepal Finance has concluded its general assembly for upcoming 8 years on 26 september.

The meeting, 20th to 27th general assembly, was held at central office kamaladi. Some members joined it physically and some others participated via virtual medium.

Among the participents were board members professor Hirendraman Pradhan, Chandrakumar Rai, Diprash Shakya, Rajan Prajapati, Rojina Shrestha, Laxmi Maharjan, free memeber Ananda Krishna e.t.c.

साधारण सभामा आफ्नो मन्तव्य राख्दै सञ्चालक दिप्रश शाक्य (Diprash Shakya)

नेपाल फाइनान्सको ८ वटा साधारण सभा सम्पन्न, हकप्रद बिक्री गरेर थप पूँजी जुटाउने

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