Life is more in real than reel


That small village girl from a middle class family was once a child whose world was limited to lap of parents and those four corners of home.The only dream she had was a happy life with her family.

Time changed,so did her perceptions of seeing the world.slowly,her limitations in life turned to freedom of living.she was so strong that she always denied stepping onto the ‘boundaries of weakness’ set by the society. Every time she took a stand for her self-respect refusing every social cages of hindrance.

Then came a day, when early morning of her life turned to a worst nightmare as she was harassed for a sexual assault.The trauma of being molested shattered her faith of living, leaving her feel scared,ashamed and alone.For her world has not a safe place anymore because that day that fondling touch not only touched her body but also questioned her character.

It was extraordinarily difficult for her to admit that she was sexually assaulted because she knew that the world would not let her live.she was afraid of how people will react and respond to her family.she thought that it would be easier for her to downplay what happened rather than letting society make it loud.

But today, she is silent denying herself to help and reinforcing her victim-hood who once was ready to deny the society for her self- respect.Now,she is afraid of being judged so she gathers strength to smile everyday with a heavy heart and regrets in life.

“Millions of pain and turns yet,life here is to be moved on”.

-Bipana Dhungana

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